FB Law was endowed upon the idea that we could make a compelling contribution to our community. One of FB Law's primary goals is to make legal and professional experience accessible to those small and emerging organizations. Our firm takes seriously our ethical obligations to our clients. We avoid conflicts of interests. For legal matters that we do not handle, we refer to attorneys and firms who practice in those specialties.

Five attributes describe our service to our clients:

(1) A quality product. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing commercially focused legal advice of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations.

(2) Timely delivery. Our firm strives to deliver services that solve our clients' problems on their time schedule.

(3) Continuity of service. We ensure we can benefit our clients by combining the highest global standards of business and law with local excellence of service and by maintaining the depth, quality and scale of resources necessary to meet our clients' needs whenever and wherever they arise.

(4) Loyalty. To deliver on our commitment to our clients, we recruit and develop the best people. We believe that, by delivering great client service, we will be involved in the most interesting and challenging client work and, as a result, achieve the reputation and the high levels of profitability which are essential to attracting and retaining the best people.

(5) Honest, independent advice. To be at the forefront of the legal profession requires foresight, a desire to share ideas and a willingness to have a voice on issues of importance. We have the confidence to challenge existing thinking and to push boundaries.


FB Law has developed a pricing policy that focuses on creating strategic partnerships with our clients. Under this policy, we strive to provide our clients with superior service at a fair price so that they not only become our life-long clients but also happily act as a source of client referrals.

We have a common concern with our clients regarding issues relating to cost and efficiency of the legal services we provide. As a result, we are greatly pliable in our pricing arrangements. While typically we use the billing rate method, we are open to other billing options, such as maximum price billing.

Our goal is to get the results our clients want in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We let our clients and the legal project at hand, not tradition, is the guide in determining the pricing structure. We tend to charge less than what a "large, institutional firm" charges per hour. Frequently, we utilize paralegals whose rates are substantially less than the attorneys. Some legal matters can be quoted on a fixed-fee basis. Where possible, we give a fixed-fee quote for legal matters having a defined scope. Where the matter may have more variables influencing the length or complexity, the fee itself must be based on the amount of time it involves accomplishing the goal.

Clients appreciate our transparent pricing structure as well as our flexible approach to matching our fees to each client’s needs given the scale or complexity of their matter. As a result, our extensive client list is not limited to large corporations but also contains many small and medium sized companies.